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Everything music - from artist management to production and PR.

Music PR

Music PR for festivals, artists, concert series or events. Clients are as diverse as Dorothee Oberlinger, WDR Tage Alter Musik in Herne, moers festival, Festival Alte Musik Knechtsteden, WDR Musik der Zeit, Romanischer Sommer Köln, or gamut inc, to name a few - some have been clients for as long as 10 years by now. Projects

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Artist Management

Artistic management including concert program development, PR, publication and rights management, project casting and mangement, and all agency tasks.

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Music Productions

Music productions from opera to concerts, live, streams or CD productions.


gamut inc "Rossum's Universal Robots" (c) Marion Wörle

Arolser Barock-Festspiele (c) privat

Dorothee Oberlinger (c) Johannes Ritter

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